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Photo Eric Tabourier

Eric Tabourier - Drums

I began to play in rock band at university, before turning to metal. In 1996, I joined my first true band, Penumbra, with wich I recorded a demo. Then I get interested in old school black metal, in the style of Darkthrone. In 1998, I joined Temple of Baal, and then Nydvind in 2000, a pagan black metal metal I'm still playing with. So I had the opportunity to play in some places like «Le Gibus», «Club Dunois», «La machine du Moulin Rouge» to name the most famous ones. I joined Octavus Lupus in the end of 2014. We can consider this choice like a return to roots but I listen to all styles of music, more récently, stoner, post-metal and sludge. My main influences are Kylesa, Red Fang, Monster Magnet, Ghost Brigade, Killbody Tuning, Isis, Morne, Baroness.

Photo Manuel Ramos

Manuel Ramos - Bass

I started my musical journey at the age of 11 by learning to play electric guitar, influenced by my older cousin's passion for metal, especially Thrash and NWOBHM. It was with him that at the age of 14 we founded the Thrash/Speed band, Moira. With him I played as a guitar leader for 10 years in the Colombian scene before moving to France where I decided to become a bass player exclusively. A few years later, I joined Octavus Lupus in 2018 after (re) discovering Progressive Metal, influenced by John Myung, Steve di Giorgio and Mike LePond. We can also notice some Thrash metal influences in my playing style, thanks to DD Verni, Jason Newsted (excluding his passage by Metallica) and Frank Bello.

Photo Guillaume Baeyens

Guillaume Baeyens - Guitar

I'm in rock music since childhood with my father who built a small rock band as a drummer at this time. I really discovered metal music and hard rock to my teenage years with bands such as ACDC, Sepultura and iron Maiden. And this style of music has become over time one of my passions. And it is at the same time I started to learn the guitar. During my graduate studies, I threw myself into learning another instrument: the bass guitar; to play in the band at my school. From 2007 to 2011, I joined Erynies (Symphonic Heavy Metal band) as bassist, the band released an EP in 2007 and an album called «Resilience» in 2008. From 2011 to 2013, I joined the group Antheria (symphonic metal band) as a rhythm guitarist. And I'm a guitarist with Octavus Lupus since November 2013. My main influences are:IRON MAIDEN, Death, Carcass, After Forever, Epica

Photo Stéphane Cléret

Stephane Cleret - Keyboards

I started to play music when I was 6 to the municipal academy where I learnt the piano during a lot of years. I joined my first group when I was 18, with my friend Pascal to the bass (hold, well!!), in a trendy Progressive Rock (the kind of music just like Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis…). I stayed there 2 years. After my studies, I tapped 5 years on my keyboard, composing some pop rock pieces of music. Then I joined SBB in 1997, a French rock band where I wrote quite a lot of compositions. We played during 9 years, made a CD and assured some beautiful first parts of pros, and gave a hundred of concerts. Then I joined a pop rock group which made remix to have a good laugh in weddings or other small parties. We were in 2006 and I started to be more interested by harder pieces, more badass, more nervous … Therefore I listened Dream Theater, Nighwish, Epica, Kamelot. And that was an awesome discovery!! So I realized some guests in ultimate metal training before joining the group Concordence at the end of 2007. And the group's bass player was … Pascal (damned!). We wished to go higher and higher, with a mix of progressive and melodic metal. So we created Tears of Angels in 2009 where we turned during 4 years, with twenty concerts. Regrettably, we separated at the end of 2013. But Pascal and I continued our “journey” and joined the group Octavus Lupus, with Karen at the vocals, Guillaume at the guitar and Vince at our amazing drum! I sincerely think that I have reached perfection with this group, because we mix the progressive rock of my youth with the classic whom I always loved and the Symphonic Metal of today which continues to stoned me!

Photo Karen Hau

Karen Hau - Vocals

I grew up lulled with classical music, french song and britannic rock. As a child, I attended to my sister's violin lesson and auditions in the local conservatoire. At 8, I felt in love with Cello's sound and learned to play it until I was 12. At the same time, I have always been singing. That helped me to calm my anxiety and rebalance myself. Arrived at the university I joined my first music group with two guitarists. We played mainly some Nirvana's and Metallica's cover. That's also at that time that I begun to play bass. In the following years, I joined two others covers bands, before discovering Symphonic Metal with Nightwish and Epica. So I completely reworked my voice with classical technique, before being able to participate to the foundation of Octavus Lupus with Stéphane and Pascal.