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Picture of Octavus Lupus

The origins

Octavus Lupus is a progressive metal band formed in November 2013, following the departure of Stéphane Cléret (Keyboards) and Pascal Allaire (Bass) from the band Tears of Angels. With Karen Hau (Vocalist), they start looking for guitarist and drummer, and soon meet Guillaume Baeyens (former Guitarist of Antheria and Erynies) and Vince Forrestier (Drummer of Hellefty). A few line-up changes later, they are joined by Eric (former drummer for Penumbra, Temple of Baal and Nydvind) and Manuel Ramos (former Moira bassist).


In the vein of bands such as Dream Theater and Stream of Passion, Octavus Lupus offer progressive metal tinged with symphonic influences and classical reflections. Exploring diverse musical landscapes, the path will plunge listeners into the turbulent waves of existential questions and reflections on current society or human nature, themes that will be carried by massive instrumentation and bold vocals.